What  Is  It All  About ?


Our Philosophy


Goals, Beliefs & Focus

Our goal is to inspire and empower our students to use Jewish wisdom to be safe, loving, moral, rational and prepared for the complexities of life.


Our belief is that the study of Judaism, its traditions, beliefs and texts imparts this wisdom for life long growth.  

Our focus is on imagination, creativity, personal insight, mastery of skills and community building.


We want our children to become deeply connected to the Jewish people, the state of Israel, and the betterment of all human kind.


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Our interactive and comprehensive approach to education


Bible - Weekly Torah Portion

Parshat Hashavua – Students will explore the bible and especially the weekly Torah portions as literature, philosophy, psychology and become familiar with the various faces of God. Our focus is comprehension, interpretation, imagination and application to their daily lives.




 Students will become familiar with and master the structure of the prayer book and its poetic, literary and theological dimensions. Introspective practices rooted in the siddur will be integrated into the teachers' lesson plans.  




Jewish Values

Guided by the students' abilities and interests, our study will focus on our duties as human beings, understanding the idea of God and relationship with God, the meaning of the soul, virtue (Mussar and Middot) - moral character and qualities, resistance to virtue and character (Yetzer Ha-ra), all leading to the path to insight and well being.



Jewish Holidays

& Shabbat

Students will master the skills and understand the deeper meanings of Shabbat and holiday traditions, such as the Friday night table, services, Shabbat morning services and customs, Havdalah and customs and traditions of all holidays.




Students will become proficient in reading and comprehension of Hebrew as it relates to liturgy and to the study of Torah, Bible, holidays and Israel. A dedicated track for Hebrew speakers is available as Hebrew Immersion.



Israel- History,Modern State & Culture

Students will be introduced to the history of Zionism and the state of Israel. They will become familiar with the major historical  characters and events. 


We will also introduce them to the issues of Palenstine, Terrorism, and Israel's relationships with its neighboring Arab states.

Our work with our students in Jewish history will include Bible, Exile, Second Temple and The Diaspora. Our students will also be introduced to the various denominations in Judaism, secularism and atheism.